Whiskers on Chickens

Many big plans are forming, constantly, where we’re at. First things first, though. Hens!

  1. We are reintroducing the pullets to the flock. The temperatures are dropping fast, at night, and they’ll need to feel at home in the warmer coop before long. Amie and I chatted about the goat plan while all six of them free ranged in what might (also) become the goat yard. As long as they can help it, there are still at least 5 feet between the pullets and any hen.
  2. We need to run electricity to the coop because I don’t want to repeat last winter’s -20F night when, in the bitter cold and dark night, I was trying to run a line to the coop for a heat lamp. It didn’t work back then and the hens were none the worse. Still, I anyway want to put a heater into the Aqua Miser from which the hens now sip, because having to run out every two hours to break the ice is a hassle. Then we might as well have an outlet to create the possibility of a heat lamp. And why not add a light bulb too? {UPDATE} We’ll probably make that solar!

DSCF2781 DSCF2765

Chicken love. Nocty practically falls asleep when Amie hugs her.

DSCF2678 DSCF2675small

Love those Americauna whiskers!

DSCF2667 DSCF2747

Oreo can rest her chin on your finger for minutes on end. These two are such a delightful comic duo! And last but not least:


Amie got one of these steerable Angry Birds as a birthday gift. None of the real birds were very impressed.


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