The Life

I had two occasions today to explain how good life is. First, with a friend who had nothing but complaints about her life. Next, with a friend who asked: “How are you?” Well, let’s see. In the morning I had a luxurious hour to read an intriguing essay on Fermi’s Paradox and how intelligence came to be in the warming sun with a homemade cappuccino by my side.


I planted our pumpkin sign (Amie and I – Amie with a mouthful of candy - painted it yesterday) and reflected on my freedom to play with this language. It made a  neighbor who was passing by, smile. No punkins yet, so far.


The rose hips are finally all cut up and drying on the rack (will write more about what I’m doing with them later).


I spent the bulk of the day extracting honey, lining up jar after jar, and didn’t mind the kitchen getting sticky. Talk of the sweet spot! I also went into the bees, giving them two supers full of dripping, extracted frames. It was warm enough for them to be out, and it will be again tomorrow, so they can go to work taking all those oozings and storing them for winter, before I take the supers back off in a few days.


I hugged one of the older hens who is all but naked after a quick, late molt. Poor thing. Collected three eggs.

And int he evening over tea I got to talk pottery with my friend and explained how I love it that, if I have to do dishes anyway, I might as well have made them myself. I do miss wheel throwing! Then she gifted one of her creations to me, and one to Amie!

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