Earth Oven, Phase 11: Pizza

Today we fired up the oven again and made pizza. We just wanted pizza so didn’t add the rocket stove to the mix for baking.

We found a good routine that doesn’t involve rushing. We burned a small fire for about 45 minutes, which was sufficient to bring the baking stone up to 850F: perfect for pizza! We then raked the coals to one side and made one pizza on the other side. When one side of the pizza was cooked, we rotated it. Then we took it out and, while we prepared the next pizza, we simply raked the coals back to the middle so it could regain a good temperature again.


We did that for three pizzas and it worked wonderfully. We could easily have made three more with that system and without having to add more sticks to the fire.



And here was today’s garden harvest:


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