It’s a Wrap!

Okay, okay, I stole the title from my friend and fellow beek Kath – though her blog post title is “That’s a wrap” so technically it’s not the same. Anyhoo. This is what we woke up to this morning: and and The photograph above I call “Terrestrial.” …And so also I had been waiting for […]

Candy Board Mod

After a few warm days of observing the candy board supers on the hives, I started to suspect robbing in one (the one to the left). This one has Honey-Bee-Healthy in the candy, which might be the main tip-off to other bees that there are goodies to be had. The other hive, where I decided […]

Riot for Abundance – August, September, October 2014 – Months 70-72

OVER FIVE YEARS OF RIOT! This is the Riot for Abundance for the months of August, September and October, 2104 for the three of us (two adults, one nine-year-old). Edson¬†fixed the calculator: all go tither to crunch those numbers! And here’s another fun website for the mathematically inclined: Do the Math. Gasoline. ¬†Calculated per person. […]