No Sharks in the Water

I dropped off the homeschool letter at the Superintendent’s office. They’ve been very supportive, and almost everything I asked for – if Amie can keep coming to school for out-of-hours and even in-hour classes, if she can keep using the online platforms for math and typing, etc. – they’ve given us. So now it was just the paper work.

I want to blog about homeschooling but perhaps not here. Or perhaps here, but then other content needs to move elsewhere. I’ve been having trouble, fitting it together: chickens eating yogurt, kid art, gardening and… despair work, criticism of culture, depressing poetry. You catch my drift. Maybe the heavy-duty stuff should leave and the chickens can stay along with the homeschooling…

A snapshot of the complexity and diversity of our lives: at the library I got
+ The Story of the World. History for the Classical Child
+ Michael Light’s Full Moon, about the moon.
+ Michael Light’s 100 Suns, 100 photos of nuclear bombs going off
+ and Timothy Morton’s The Ecological Thought
The librarians know us and they’ll get to know us even better come January.

Now I add these books to the stack of books that I own and am in the process of reading, on pioneers and anthropology of shamanism and Arctic Circle indigenous people and death and Beowulf and Mongol gers and… Sometimes you just have to let the waves crash over you and tread water for your life! Except when there’s a shark. Apparently, standing up in water you look like a dead fish. Best to swim or float horizontally, then they might leave you be.


Here we’re weighing our heads with our new kitchen scale:

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