Colorful Garden, and a Hive Update

Tricolor pepper harvest Fat buds and flowers on my two Sochi tea plants. Mushrooms in my schroom bed, but are they the anticipated King Stropheria? ~ I did a quick inspection of the hive today and found an amply supply of honey, nectar, and brood in all stages of development. There were lots of newly […]


I checked the mushroom bed and just under surface there is this: Mycelium, hopefully the King Stropharia that I sowed in it. There’s a chance it isn’t, of course. The pile of leftover woodchips, which I did not inoculate, looks exactly the same! Time will tell.

Strawberries All Taking, and Other News

strawberry bed I was skeptical about my strawberries but (again) nature proved me wrong, or rather, made up (again) for any bungling on my part. I bought 25 crowns from Nourse Farms and planted them the day they arrived in a well-prepared bed (it was crawling with worms). The instructions were to plant the crown […]