End of Tadpoles (?) and Signing her Name

Amie loves this quality drawing paper. It is stiff so it won’t buckle under the pressure of her pen, and it’s smooth, sucking up the Tombow’s ink just right. Expensive materials for a two-and-a-half-year-old, true, but it’s worth it. The only thing that bothers me is that the paper is a bit larger than letter-size. […]

Coloring, more tadpoles, trees and Bambi

What with all the house and land hunting, premature planning of gardens and scrambling to find a new preschool – after all the hassle we went through finding one here in Brookline! – I may be blogging less, but that doesn’t mean we’re playing less around here! And even though I haven’t posted her drawings […]

The People, Signing Her Own Name, Growth Spurt

Amie drew “The People” today. 4 of them. 1 big person and 3 tiny ones: She also signed her name on the back: We’ve been working on letters, and this is her first full written word (besides “8oo”, i.e., “Boo”). The A she has down pat. The M still tends to flatten out and go […]

The Letter Box

Letters A couple of months ago, Amie started showing interest in letters. It was rather unavoidable, as we have wooden alphabet puzzles and alphabet fridge magnets. And she sees us reading, of course, and writing on paper (Mama) and on the computer (Baba and Mama). She now also pretends to read her books,  some of which she knows […]