Two New Articles: My Natural Birth, Parts III and IV

I’ve published two new articles in the series “My Natural Birth,” about the birth of my daughter:

My body is a temple… Once I realized this, realized it to the point of awe, I understood that my pregnancy and my birth were nature’s domain. I just had to let go of control. Suddenly the floodgates were opened to a rush of confidence, trust and well-being.

A good birth story is one that was written by the one who actually experienced it (the mom) and that leaves out none of the details… Here is my birth story, the story of Amie’s birth, which I like to call my own: my birth as a mother. I was doing it, not any drugs, or doctors, or forceps: me and a midwife called nature.

The previous episodes are:

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  1. Hi Katrien,
    thanks for the articles: I read all four of them one after the other. I like the way they flow and add to one another. And I agree with you about how a woman can take back control of “their” birth(s) :) Sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way and someone else needs to step in, but in the majority of cases a mom can let nature take over. I like the way you explain that, like mom and nature are good friends, not strangers to one another at all… It was touching and enlightening for me to read that. Good luck with your new blog (I tried to blog once, but I couldn’t keep it going…) Megan

  2. Lovely birth story. I feel the same way about loving to hear other people’s birth stories. I wish other women would share theirs more openly and with more detail. It seems like there’s embarrassement or something when I ask oftentimes. I also agree with feeling a bit out of body during the pushing. Actually, I felt that way through a lot of my serious labor. The focus that is required for a natural birth nearly demands it I suppose. I’m sure many feel the same. Next time try a natural breech birth – that will make a great story for you. My 2nd baby’s entrance into the world was nothing short of spectacular. A first for both me and the midwife! You can email me for a link to my birth stories.

  3. Hi Katrien, I am just reading this now because it popped up somewhere in the sidebar while I was checking your blog.

    It’s interesting that you experienced the same thing during the pushing phase that I did. I had an INCREDIBLE urge to push toward the end of my labor, but I fought it even though fighting it actually sent a wave of horrible tension through my body and made the situation much worse. I fought it for the same reason– because I had read that I should fight it. I don’t even remember where I read that. When my midwife finally checked she told me I was definitely ready… and within 3 strong pushes my son was born.

    Thinking back, I still can’t understand why I held on so tightly to someone else’s suggestion and fought against my own body. Pushing too early has probably been a problem for some women, but it’s hard to believe that women’s bodies want to push “too early” as a general rule. I wish I could have seen that at the time.

    I loved reading your birth story! I have mine tucked away somewhere and I may post it soon.


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