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How do you like our very own, unique Uglies? I write “Uglies” because there are 2-in-1: you just flip the thing over and there’s a unique and very different second one! And it’s an “Ugly” in that it is inspired by the Ugly Dolls.

My Mom was here and she showed me – for the third time – how to work the sewing machine. I made the design myself. The toughest aspect was the eyes and mouth, etc. (obviously, Ugly no1. is more of a success than Ugly No.2). Amie loves it/them.

My crafting history 

And I am inordinately proud of it/them. I was never one for crafting. I liked to draw and paint, and as a teenager was somewhat good at it (now all I can manage are stick figures). I hated/abhorred/loathed sewing and knitting in school. Unfortunately, we were never exposed to woodworking or other such “manly” crafts (my school wasn’t called “The Ladies of Christian Education” for nothing): growing up a bit of a tomboy, I might have liked those.

But mainly I didn’t have the patience, and would rather be reading a book or running around in the wilderness than fiddle around with a needle and thread. Also, it wasn’t art-like or serious enough.

Crafting moms

Decades after compulsory (school) crafting ended, and soon after having my daughter, I discovered a tribe of Moms who are crafting up a storm with and for their kids on the net. I’ve written some reviews about great kids crafts internet sites on

There are many more that I visit weekly, that put me in awe of the skill and beauty and love that goes into these projects.

A quiet place

These women made me realize that it is not about patience at all, that crafting (with or without kids) is not a reluctant duty. Rather, it is about establishing a calm, quiet place for yourself and for sharing with your kids or readers. There, while you work with your hands, your mind is free to wander to the most important things: good moments with family and friends, or nothing at all.

A unique thing

You are also creating something that is unique. Each work is personal and different, unlike the run-of-the-mill junk in the Chrismas Tree Shops and ToysRUs-es. It is invested with you, you at-this-moment, and as a keepsake or as a gift it is special in that special sense.

And serious after all

It’s not art, so it doesn’t come with all the stresses of art. Still, it is serious, though not in the way my youthful self was looking for. Crafting is not about the result, but about the process, and in the process flourishes the person, the spirit, whatever you want to call it. Crafting is “serious” in the sense of “enriching”, in a playful and modest way.  

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