Compost Dream Replaced by Other Dream

Compost Dreams Dashed

The vote is in and it’s a veto: the majority of the Trustees of our condominium have said no to our composting bin idea.

The first one was personally against it, the second one would dearly like to do it herself, but she knew many other residents would revolt. The third and last Trustee, well: that’s me.

It is true, we are already having trouble getting some to recycle their paper! Many others won’t even want to be educated on the topic. Also, we are composting neophytes, and there’s more than a chance that we will have stinky bin within a month of starting it.

So that got me dreaming about this place:

Photograph of small farm on river bend

I don’t remember where I got the photograph (looks like a newspaper), and I don’t know where it was taken, but it’s somewhere in Europe, possibly Belgium.

Wouldn’t you want to live there (I don’t mean in Europe, but on this farm)?

I’d be afraid Amie would fall into the river though… One more reason to teach her how to swim!

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  1. I just got back on the unschooling blog ring and you are the first blog next to mine. Click on previous and you’ll find me. Your family and mine have so much in common. My husband is Belgian; I grew up in Mass. and went to school in Brookline; I love to write (not for money, yet); we have an organic vegetable farm; we are birders… So cool to have you next door. I really enjoyed reading your blog and will visit often.

  2. Ha! I was thinking, maybe I should suggest we get a beehive instead. Then, if they really don’t want that, they might meet us in the middle: at the compost bin!

    Thanks for the support and commiseration: it certainly does strengthen weakened resolves.

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