An All-Round Toy for an All-Round Child

clay figure my mom made for me

David Holmgren, at the beginning of his book Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (p.7), gives some examples of non-material well-being:

When we enjoy a sunset rather than watching a movie, when we look after our health by walking rather than consuming medicine, when we spend time playing with a child rather than buying them a toy…

I’m thinking even better would be making a toy for a child. A wooden horse, for instance, or a doll. Part, if not all, of its making would have to happen in her presence, so she can see the skill, attention and care it requires. So she can witness the time and love we pour into it. So she can learn the virtue of patience and experience the joy of anticipation. And, if she could contribute to it herself, the pride of accomplishment.

It would be an all-round toy for an all-round child.

{The picture is of a clay figure my Mom made for me. Amie lovingly calls it “Funny Guy”.}

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