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Amie’s painting of 15 May 2007

Amie’s painting of 15 May 2007

I wrote a review of some of the interesting theory about children’s drawings. It briefly considers pre-representational drawing, but the meat of it deals with representation:

  • realistic representation versus symbolism representation
  • the tadpole formula for human figures
  • children’s body-images: do we look like tadpoles to them?
  • the possible sources of such distortions
  • how a child proceeds to draw, e.g., top to bottom, left to right, head first, arms last
  • constraints in children’s cognitive and technical skills, “tool boxes”, and experience
  • some remaks on the role of education


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  1. Hi from Holland!!!
    While googling for information on tadpole drawing I found the book by Maureen Cox(I have it in dutch right here:)) and after reading and searching some more I came across your lovely blog!I have been reading a lot of your posts and I am absolutely in aw about your writing!all I can say is wow and looking forward to seeing your book!I really love how you have documented Amie’s drawings!!!I love reading about children’s drawings and have a fascination for tadpole’s.In dutch they are called Koppoters!I recently started making things and added little embroideries of tadpole figures on them.I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and will add you to my blogrol to keep up with all your new adventures!I applaud you for being so “aware”when it comes to the environment.I am happy to have found your blog(through the tadpoles LOL)Please tell Amie she is a great artist and I love all of her crafts a lot!(my daughters are 21 and 18,the yougest is leaving for Laos and Cambodia in two weeks YIKES!)They too did a lot of crafts growing up.And I have been a nanny for 4 years to three little boys Sorry for the long comment,but I was just so happy to get so much information too!Warm greetings from Holland Dees(Nanny Pumpernickel

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