Making Children Cry

Image of Trailer for Blokken

I don’t know what to think of these (scroll down on the page to the 3 YouTube videos). 

They are trailers for a program on Belgian television called “Blocks,” a popular trivia and tretris combination game for adults. The message at the end translates to: “Life without blocks is not worth living”.

The channel they were made for in the end declined to broadcast the trailers because they were too confrontational. However, they won the Silver award at the prestigious Promax/BDA-festival in New York.

They made me cry (I couldn’t even watch the third one), but I also couldn’t help laughing. They’re like watching bloopers but with (even) more guilt, because the kids are made to cry, for a commercial purpose no less. Still, they’re irresistable…

What do you think? What does it do to you?

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