First Farmer’s Market, and Potted Herbs

Photograph of potter herbs lined up (c) K. Vander Straeten

This Thursday was our first Farmer’s Market of the new season. Though the weather was grey and rather freakishly cold, it was a great pleasure to say “welcome back” to the farmers.

And what a bounty there was already! I got red chard, mustard greens, many bunches of spinach, and lots of herbs. All for less than they would have cost at Whole Foods, and fresh and local, of course.

The herbs I got were live and already well enough established to be harvested.

  1. Greek oregano
  2. English thyme
  3. Basil (5 kinds)
  4. Taragon (didn’t get that last year)
  5. Rosemary
  6. Sage

I repotted them in the scorching 2 o’clock sun on Friday, and now they’re all lined up on the wall that hugs the steps and entrance to our front door. We are blessed with our own entrance, which as of noon gets full sun in summer. 

I plan to get some more herbs – cilantro, perhaps – at next week’s Farmer’s Market, and some (wild) flowers that I will put into the soil behind the wall.

I also plan to try out the Terracycle Worm Poop fertilizer, if it looks like the herbs need it.

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