Oh, well. If *Simon* says it!

One more follow-up on Simon Says… 

We’re at Peet’s coffee shop and Amie is on my hip while I try to order and pay. She keeps pulling on the tip jar, which is (a) full of cash and (b) made of glass and (c) very close to the edge of the counter.

I tell her three (3) times to stop it. The fourth time I get desperate and say:

– “Simon says: don’t touch the jar!”

And she stops!

She’ll listen to Simon, but not to me.

Please tell me this is a phase…

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  1. My daughter, age 2.2 months, does the same thing. She’ll even tell me, “Say ‘Simon Says'” and she won’t do whatever it is until I do. At least she responds promptly (most of the time) if Simon says it, though!

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