Today Amie asked if we could go to the library. Not knowing the weather conditions outside – comes with living in a warm and cosy basement – we got all dressed up. Then we walked about 5 yards in 20 F in a biting wind on an icy pavement and… turned back. It was brutal. Amie, who doesn’t like her expectations frustrated these days, totally agreed on a change of plan.

Amie December 2007 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

 (Drawing Amie’s hand: note the PJs and the concentration)

We played with the Kapla blocks, the wooden train set, read books, drew pictures, made puzzles and danced and drew our hands and ran out of ideas. Then I remembered this cute caterpillar at Middlemonth as well as the old egg carton I just tossed in the recycling. A good excuse to break out the paints! Amie helped with most of the painting, dipped the Q-tips into the black paint, and loved testing whether the thing was dry already (she also loves washing her hands).

Caterpillar December 2007 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

People, I’m thinking it is time – so long-awaited – to plunge into the KidsCraftWeekly archives! I have been telling myself for long time not to go and look at all the wonderful crafts we will soon be able to do together. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait. But I think – yes - we’re ready!

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  1. that is really cute! what a great idea to use q tips, you are so creative! thanks to you i ordered my first mudpuppy puzzle, the zoo babies one, it came a few days ago. Anika turns 17 months tomorrow. So far she is not very patient with it. she is most interested in the penguins. She tries to put the head on the mama penguin on, not at the correct angle and gets irritated with instruction, she hands it to me to ‘fix it’. Did Amie start slowly with them too? Also she refuses to put the wood cut peg puzzles properly, she matches the piece with the right place, but doesn’t fit it in…maybe I should get simple shapes, all the ones i have are animals and pretty curvy and irregular..? i don’t want to push her to puzzle…any suggestions on how to guide her? I made a small badi, but my camera is broken so I can’t post a pic, she likes to put her set of rats in the house! BTW for the top of the egg carton, I thought of making a bus. I thought I could stick it on a paper and draw profiles of people inside…we already painted the bus now I have to stick it on the backing paper and decide what I should do for wheels…

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