Kapla Building Blocks

Ok, I think we finally found the ultimate building blocks!

Baba and Amie building with Kapla (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

(Baba and Amie play with the Kapla blocks) 

Looking for a birthday present to give a thee-year-old, we stumbled upon these Kapla Blocks.  My first reaction was: huh, so what? They are simply wooden blocks or rather miniature planks. But then you take them out of the box and set them down, and you know: this will last forever.

There are no screws, bolts, glue, anything, yet you can make amazing constructions with them. And they are so very well crafted: set them on any side and they will stand, firmly. In other words, it’s not like you will be building a house of cards or playing a game of Jenga. Hooray for absolutely straight corners!

They are also entirely made of beautiful natural wood grown in 100% sustainable forests in France.

We got an extra 100-piece box for Amie and she loves it. So far she has made bridges, bridges, like in the picture. And she has knocked down houses not of her own construction. That’s an issue worth a post of itself, but suffice it to say it goes like this: “Amie don’t be naughty!” “I’m not naughty, I pretending to be naughty!”

After the disappointment with the Wedgits (*) - they promise no phtalates but what’s with the smell? – I was on the look out for something naturally woody and not too pricey. I think this might be it.

(*) I’m not throwing them out as yet: they might become more appealing to Amie when she gets a little older, but so far she is not keen on them.

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