Chile’s Quit Now Challenge: How Did I Do?

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I pledged, on 6 June, not to buy any more books for myself or Amie, and no more toys for Amie. With the exception of two books I bought for 75 c from the library – so for charity really, right? – I did not wander. I waited until to report on it because I only really broke the “book fast” over the weekend, when I stumbled upon the mother lode of Jim Harrison books in the Brookline Booksmith Used Books Cellar and could not – of course! – resist. I mean, come on, how could I pass up on Sundog, and The Summer He Didn’t Die?

Cover of The Summer He Didn’t Die, Jim Harrison

Harrison never lets me down.

But though I haven’t concluded from Chile’s challenge that I can, after all, live without books, I did learn that I can practice restraint. Still, I guess the real challenge is to give up something for ever. I’ll be thinking on that…

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