“I can do it better”

I have a new resolution. Well, it’s not exactly new, but.. uhm… REnew-ed. Yes, that’s it: an old one newly made. In any case, it is to draw something every day, and what better to draw than my little girl who finally will sit still for two minutes at least while she is  drawing something herself. She is always very curious about what I’m doing and what the drawing looks like, so she’ll frequently interrupt what she is doing – and thus what I am doing – to come and sneak a peak. Needless to say I am so rusty that she will be the only one I will allow such a peak, so far!

So invariably she’ll hear me sigh and complain of my drawing, to which she will either respond: “No, Mama, it does look like Amie!” or (more often) “I can do it better! Here, let me do it!” Then the collaborative effect will take place like the amazing drawing I posted yesterday, and this one, today:

Amie and Mama’s drawings of Amie on chair, October 2008 (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

That’s Amie’s copy of my drawing: Amie sitting on a chair (which hides her legs, obviously), “doing homework” at Mama’s desk.

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