Seed Order 2009 Season: Vegetables, Herbs and some Flowers

Is it normal to go crazy when ordering seeds for the first time?

This is my order – with Fedco Seeds only (choosing just from them was difficult enough: I didn’t dare add the selection from any other gorgeous catalog).

  • Provider Bush Green Bean OG (A=2oz)
    Maxibel Bush Haricots Verts OG (B=2oz)
    Cannellini Bean (A=2oz)
    Red Kidney Bean (A=2oz)
    Mayfair Shell Pea ECO (A=2oz)
    Blizzard Snow Pea OG (A=2oz)
    Boothbys Blonde Slicing Cucumber OG (A=0.5g)
    Costata Romanesca Zucchini OG (A=1/8oz)
    Early Summer Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash OG (A=1/8oz)
    Uncle Davids Dakota Dessert Winter Squash OG (A=1/4oz)
    Scarlet Nantes Carrot (A=1/8oz)
    King Sieg Leek OG (A=1/16oz)
    Evergreen Hardy White Scallion (A=1/16oz)
    Clear Dawn Onion OG (A=1/16oz)
    Long Standing Bloomsdale Spinach OG (A=1/4oz)
    Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce OG (A=2g)
    Cracoviensis Lettuce OG (A=1g)
    Summer Lettuce Mix (A=1g)
    Winter Lettuce Mix (A=1g)
    Bright Lights Chard (A=1/16oz)
    Gigante dItalia Parsley (A=1/16oz)
    Golden Purslane OG (A=0.5g)
    Broccoli Blend (A=0.5g)
    White Russian Kale OG (A=2g)
    Redventure Celery OG (A=0.2g)
    Applegreen Eggplant OG (A=0.2g)
    Peacework Sweet Pepper OG (A=0.2g)
    Glacier Tomato OG (A=0.2g)
    Ida Gold Tomato OG (A=0.2g)
    WOW! Tomato ECO (A=0.1g)
    Sun Gold Cherry Tomato (A=0.1g)
    Arnica Chamissonis OG (A=0.02g)
    Sweet Basil OG (A=4g)
    Genovese Basil (A=2g)
    Borage OG (A=0.5g)
    Catnip (A=1g)
    Caribe Cilantro OG (A=1g)
    Bouquet Dill OG (A=2g)
    Purple Coneflower or Echinacea OG (A=1g)
    Elecampane OG (B=0.3g)
    Garlic Chives (A=0.5g)
    Ladys Mantle (B=0.2g)
    Lemon Balm (B=3g)
    Sweet Marjoram (A=1g)
    Common Mint (A=0.1g)
    Stinging Nettle OG (A=0.2g)
    Greek Oregano (A=0.2g)
    Pennyroyal (A=0.1g)
    -Rosemary (A=0.1g)
    Rue (A=0.5g)
    Broadleaf Sage (A=1g)
    Stevia (A=0.01g)
    German Thyme (A=0.2g)
    Sweet Woodruff (A=0.2g)
    White Yarrow (A=0.1g)
    Kablouna Calendula Mix OG (A=1g)
    Calliopsis Mix (B=0.9g)

You can tell me, honestly: did I go crazy? I will probably need 3 acres to plant all of these, but then I figured most of these seeds can be kept for 2-3 years, so there is no rush to plant all of them in one season. I shouldn’t in any case, since some of these cross-pollinate, and we want to save seeds but have not enough land or any way of isolating the plants.

We’re still travelling. We’re in DC now and in the New Year we’ll head back home via NY City. Next task: making and purchasing growing-from-seed supplies. Almost forgot: got to ask all our friends and relations to save their gallon milk and juice  bottles for us.

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  1. Yes, it is normal. :)

    And don’t worry. Seeds keep well if you keep them in a dark and cool place away from moisture (not the fridge). So, you don’t have to plant all of them this year.

  2. Holy smokes! That is a lot of seeds. :)

    I want to come to your garden this summer because you are going to have some mighty fine stuff growing. I love the growing part and not the planting part so much.

    We have four 4 ft by 4 ft raised boxes we do Square Foot gardening in and that keeps us busy.

    I can’t wait to see how it works out for you.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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