Back with Promises


When she unpacked the glove: “It’s the Earth! It’s the Earth!”

We’re back from our trip and I am finding it difficult to get back into things with the blogging. But here’s what you can expect soon:

  1. I’m preparing an update on our second Riot month (December 2008), so that might get me started. DONE.
  2. We’ve been doing more drawing, so of course I’ll report on that. DONE.
  3. I’ll also put up some pictures of our adventures in NY City and Washington DC: they involve lots of drawing, dinosaurs and a fearful run-in with the Big Bang.
  4. Thanks to a reader of this blog, I will be able update my “green diaper” product reviews with new information on Nature Baby Care.
  5. And I owe you pictures of our Homemade Christmas, which turned out smaller than we had planned but was a success anyway and a good way to get a tradition started.
  6. We’ve almost completed the construction of our haybox cooker. I  want to try it out before I report back on that.
  7. We’re wooing a friend to come stay with us as a semi-permanent house guest. I’m so excited about our co-housing experiment!
  8. In the meantime I’m still waiting for news about the novel from the agent. What a drag to have to wait so long… I feel at a loss about my future and this totally squashes my inspiration to work on it or on its sequel. I have some short stories brewing, though, and maybe even a poem or two. I just need a couple of hours without having to clean or dig out the gutters…
  9. The seeds should be arriving soon and if Skippy’s Vegetable Garden planting schedule is any indication, we’d better start working on that, so expect some reports on the installation of a seed growing bank in our basement. DONE
  10. I have some thoughts/feelings about how to deal with Climate Change/Peak Oil/Economic Depression despair and conversations with “unconverted” friends. That will make a more philosophical discussion: one that I often indulge in these days, before the flurry of practical action has to set in.

That’s quite a list…

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