Drawing: Clothes and Fingers

The other day Amie made two drawings of her friend, Abby, for her birthday.


Here Abby has fingers. Five fingers, Amie counted them out, one by one, as she was drawing them. As for the other hand, she explained the fingers are hidden in a fist. Abby also wears sleeves and a long skirt. And there’s also a little flower.


In this one the legs are interesting. “One leg is in a trouser but the other one isn’t.” “Why not?” I asked. “This leg felt warm and the other one felt cold, that’s why.” “And there are no ears? And no hair?” “No, those are invisible.”

Sometimes our conversations about art remind of this – so hilarious!

In other news I transplanted all the Thyme and Sweet Marjoram seedlings and some lettuces into their own pots. Of all the work on the garden I’ve done so far, I think transplanting tiny seedlings is my favorite: so grounding, so relaxing!

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