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My apologies for the spotty posting. We’ve had to cope with sickness – Amie and Mama last weekend and now Amie again. A dear friend of mine has also galvanized a project I had set aside as not fitting our current schedule: the communally oriented side of “Transition” (yes, the more I think about it, the more the Transition Movement and philosophy appeals to me.)

I had thought I needed to get the garden under control and some of our house greening projects finished and working before I can use them as an example.

But I now realize that the process of transitioning has great community appeal: it is after all something that others will have to go through as well.  The idea of transitioning is after all not to do it all by oneself and then to be an “expert” for others. The idea is to transition together.

… Can’t say too much yet, but we’re working on it together and with her contacts and experience and my vision, we’ll soon be able to “go public”!

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