Vegetable Gardening Update


I finished Bed 8 (see here for layout beds) and planted:

  1. Red Baron onion: 1 row, 79 sets
  2. Banana fingerling potatoes: 3 short rows (5 feet), about 20, several eyes on each
  3. Nasturtium: 1 square
  4. Blue flax: 2 squares
  5. Carrots: 4 squares
  6. Radishes: 1 square

In Bed 3 I sowed:

  1. French green lentil: 33 plants
  2. Red kidney bush: 30
  3. Fava bean: 20
  4. Cannellini bean: 10

Along with Bed 5, which has the trenches with the Keuka Gold and the Dark Red Norland potatoes, that make three beds completed. It’s going to rain/storm today, so no chance of getting bed 7 filled up, or of getting the three potato bins set up.

All my seedlings except the youngest and most heat-loving are on the porch (it still goes down to 47F at night). I’ll slowly start bringing them out into the direct sunlight of the balcony, and into the wind, so I can transplant them soon.

Better get cracking on that fence!

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