Canner and Stove

I can cross two more items off my “Tools/Toys” list in the sidebar. “Lookit” (*) what arrived yesterday, one after the other:


My Presto 23 quart high pressure canner, present from DH for my birthday


Our new wood stove, present to ourselves for our 8th wedding anniversary

That’s two big pillars of self-sufficient living right there! I haven’t used either of them yet: it’s 90 degrees and the gauge hasn’t been calibrated yet. But I have canned, as promised:


5 1/2 pints of (hot water bath processed) blueberry jam, present from me to my family

The jars popped right on cue as I lifted them out of the water and the seals have held, so they’re good to go into the pantry. What a good feeling! And Amie watched the entire process, explaining that she had to see how I did it because then she would know it too.  So right!

(*) I don’t know where Amie picked up this “lookit” business, but now I’m saying it too!

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