Garden Fruits

Amie knows why bees are good.

– Mama, excuse me, Mama? Bees are good because if there is a flower on the plant then they go into the flower to get the nectar and make honey out of it and they also do something good to the flower.

Pollinate, yes.

Despite the lack of pollinator-attracting flowers in our garden and neighborhood, the bees have done their job.


Growing cuke (Boothby’s) and eggplant (Apple Green): will they make it?


Ripening tomatoes (Ida Gold): nuggets of taste.


Fatso fava bean and harvest of shelled red kidney, fava and cannelini. My drying experiment – put them out in the full sun on a white sheet – ruined the favas, but the others are drying well.

Amie sees me taking pictures of the garden and our harvests and wants to do so as well. Here she is photographing the beans:


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