Independence Days, Week 6

The Indian summer came, went, and came again. Last Friday we hit 37 F – cutting it pretty close – but yesterday it was 70F. It’s going to get cold again soon, though. Plant. Moved (replanted) the 2 rhubarb plants, because in the end we chose their first bed as one of the beds to […]

Mass. Relocalization Conference: McKibben, Lappe, Mel King…

Heads up: October 18 Roxbury, MA Bill McKibben, Frances Moore LappĂ© and Mel King The major goals of the conference are to educate, inform, and empower Massachusetts residents to take actions in their communities to help build the local infrastructure and institutions needed to provide economic security in a changing world. The conference will help […]

Ever More Complex and Colorful Drawings

Amie’s drawing is becoming more complex and colorful every day. Something must have pushed her onwards. It’s amazing! Let’s see if Mama can keep up with the developments this time. Click on the pics to see them larger and also go to the Flickr set with Amie’s art work to see tags and notes; also […]

New Drawings: Events, Spatial Relations and Colors

It’s been a while since I reported on Amie’s art work (she just turned four). Since the burst of creativity when Amie’s grandmother was here, she has been more interested in imaginary play and playing outside. Lately though she has been sitting down to draw for long stretches of time, all of her own accord. […]

Independence Day, Week 5 – and Winter Garden

Independence Days was somewhat hindered by a sorry head cold, but here’s what I did before – Ah——tshoo! Rhubarb Plant. Two 1-year-old rhubarb  plants: I know it’s not the season to plant them, but they look very healthy and were cheap so it’s worth experimenting. Seedlings are still patiently waiting for the hoop house. Harvest […]

Lifestyle Changes

Wow, Sharon has another great blog entry up: Dreaming a Life, about radical lifestyle changes – “whether they come from adapting to a deeply damaged climate or from addressing the crisis, whether they come from adapting to depletion or from enduring it.” Sharon points out that much of the political unrest we are seeing comes […]

Creative Itches

Amie came home from school with a cold on Friday, I kept her home this morning, but she’ll be going back to school tomorrow. But I also got it. Runny nose, sneezies, ringing ears, head ache – o please let me be better by the morrow! It is especially annoying because I couldn’t make it […]