Banner Painting and My Artistic Family


The painting in the banner was made by my MIL – you can read about her exploits in art (and about Amie as well) in her blog: Journey Through Art. The painting was based on the original banner picture:


Isn’t it beautiful? I’ll write about my artistic family soon. Amie is of course artist number one around here, but there is also my Mom who draws, my sister who is into computer graphics, my dad who does photography, and my grandfather who was an accomplished water-colorist. DH is also quite good, and on his side there’s his mom, a Mesho (uncle) who sketches, and a Mami (aunt) who makes movies and Mamu (Uncle) who plays the violin, and their kids in turn who are painters, musicians, actors…  I just realized the danger of making such a list: imagine I forgot someone!

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  1. Thank you for selecting my painting as your blog banner.Unfortunately I am not a good photographer, niether do I have a great camera.The original painting looks much better than this photograph.Perhaps I need to learn from my DIL more about photography.

  2. I need to add the bit Katrien has missed out in this post.She herself is very good at sketching,craft works and photography.I love to use photographs taken by her as reference for my paintings.You must have also seen the potteries made by her.She has an eye for beauty and art and her well co-ordinated hands bring out the best in everything created by her.

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