Death and Sex Give Away

People, I just received Death and Sex from Chelsea Green and I am just blown away. It is a lovely book, consisting of two texts bound together beautifully, and with great humor. Reading all the rave reviews at the beginning of each text makes me want to pour that cup of coffee, sink into sunlit sofa and read.

This one, for instance: “Dorion Sagan and Tyler Volk show us sex is optional and death is necessary” (Adam Daniel Stulberg). And: “quotidian simplicities are dissolved in the acid of evolutionary theory” (Andrew Lionel Blais).

I had forgotten to set a deadline for the Give-Away. We’ll be drawing a name on Wednesday 18th at 6 pm EST. Grab a chance while you can!

{UPDATE} And the book goes to… Carol! Congratulations, I’ll stick it in the mail as soon as I have your address.

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