Today’s Food and Garden Work


  1. warm and bright out, emptied all the rain barrels, stashed them upside down, and reconnected gutters
  2. raked leaves, emptied pots and containers, stashed them in shed
  3. Amie raked leaves too (cough)
  4. drank two large coffees (more milk than espresso)
  5. baked and pureed 5 sugar pie pumpkins
  6. will reserve puree for pumpkin bread (not for today), will freeze rest
  7. will roast pumpkin seeds later
  8. made leek and potato soup
  9. made veggie stock with the dark greens of the leek and other veggie scraps, will freeze in cubes
  10. boiled sweet potatoes, then fried with caramelized onions and lots of ground pepper
  11. will have sweet potatoes and soup (with raw milk) for dinner with homemade bread and (not as yet homemade) butter
  12. will freeze leftovers
  13. miraculously found room in my fridge for raw milk delivery for friend
  14. started new wheat grass sprouts
  15. Amie is having an early dinner of boiled carrots, humus and a farm fresh (chicken) egg omelet… with ketchup, and she promised she would try the potato leek soup {tried it, did not like it}
  16. which reminds me I have to make a go of the chickpeas next year
  17. looking forward to evening, work on novel again – lots of good ideas!

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