A Five-Year-Old’s Physics, Biology, Meteorology, Etc.

Amie drew her family for school (DH, Mama, Amie) ~ A: Water isn’t heavy. It’s just air that’s blue and wet. ~ I found her hiding behind a tiny notebook.  I asked her if hiding her face makes her entirely invisible. Incredibly, she did seem to believe this. Then she thought about it for a […]

Transition: Becoming Indigenous to a Place

During the Transition Training we watched a lot of images and videos of Transition Initiatives, and at first I watched them with mixed feelings of joy and anxiousness. My heart sank because I inevitably thought: “I can’t make that happen.” That sinking feeling stems from the fact that, though I arrived here over 11 years […]

Today’s Food and Garden Work

warm and bright out, emptied all the rain barrels, stashed them upside down, and reconnected gutters raked leaves, emptied pots and containers, stashed them in shed Amie raked leaves too (cough) drank two large coffees (more milk than espresso) baked and pureed 5 sugar pie pumpkins will reserve puree for pumpkin bread (not for today), […]