Tools for Transition: A Farm for the Future

I just watched a beautiful and well-paced BBC documentary called Farm for the Future. I’m totally re-energized by it. I wish I could find a permaculture course that’s nearby,  affordable, and spread over a couple of weekends and evenings (not the luxury-resort two week intensive). In the meantime, I shall be hitting the books again. But first, let me peruse the plant catalog of the Agroforestry Research Trust.

And before that, let me share with you the one basic thing I learned (again) from this movie: peak oil is not “oil shortage”. It’s famine.

So let’s start growing!

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  1. You might check out the website,, for a permaculture group in your area. There’s on up here in Portland, and they offer all sorts of classes and seminars – usually fairly reasonably priced.

    But even better, what they offer is ongoing opportunities to share experiences, including “work parties”, where members go to other members’ homes and help build stuff. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

    I’ll have to watch the video. Thanks for sharing.

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