The Perfect Winter Meal


This is one of my favorite meals, not just because it tastes great, warms you up on a cold winter day, and is healthy, but because, except for the salt and pepper, I can grow each and every ingredient myself.

Fry up 1/2 onion and all of the tough stalk of 4 large leaves of collard greens chopped into little pieces. Add 3 large carrots and the white of 1 leek, 1 celery stalk, the collard leaves, all chopped up, and 7-8 Brussels sprouts. Braise 30 minutes, until carrots are half done. Add 5 medium potatoes, cubed, and enough homemade chicken broth to just cover everything. Simmer till potatoes are done. Add salt and pepper to taste – pepper I could grow, but how to make salt?

I watched Food, Inc. yesterday – a bit late, I know – and was blown away and even cried quite a bit. Disgusting, that “cleaned” hamburger meat!

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