Bee Class, and Order

So I ordered a bee package, that’s 3 lbs of bees (10,000 of them), and 1 Italian queen, to be picked up at my teacher’s place on 26 April. I admit I am a bit freaked out about it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever done. But that shouldn’t stop me, right?!

Yesterday at bee class our teacher told us about the operation in Georgia where he picks up his bee packages (700 of them). They “shake bees” into the packages all day long, 400 of them a day. Amazing.

I’ve been looking at “installing a bee package” videos on YouTube. I most like Rick’s video. I will be watching this video and all others I can find on the subject every day until 26 April, so the way to do it will be grafted on my brain. (I do the same with pottery: I watch videos of people throwing on the wheel in all their many ways. It helps.) I also have a couple of local beekeepers whom I can call on to come and help me on the day if I feel too nervous.

I suggested to the teachers at Amie’s preschool that I could bring my bee package over to the school right after pickup, to show the kids. 10,000 little living buzzing creatures in a box (well-contained, of course!): what a show!

Now I need to order the equipment, clothing, tools, and medications. I need to find a good place to put the hive on the property – it’s really not self-evident to me. When the boxes arrive, I need to paint them, place them, and build a windbreak and whatever else necessary around it.

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