A Phenological Ambition, More Mice, Naps


One of my ambitions is to make a phenology of this place. I’d love to use many media. Words foremost, then drawings, paintings and photographs, and  occasionally audio recordings and videos (but those I wouldn’t be able to stick in my favorite “container”, the book). To make a little drawing every day, of the newly arisen chipmunks, a flock of Robins, the daffodils finally poking through or the flowering buds on the bushes?

In any case, it’s not going to happen today, or tomorrow. Though a wonderful day, the first day of Spring, I should say, the only time I made it outside was to release three more mice (the full count is up to 10 now). Also got the Mama mouse this time, so perhaps it will be the end of them! They got themselves trapped but not before eating half my tomato seedlings. And there I was, yesterday, gleefully entering “100% !” in the germination chart for nearly every one of them. I resowed.

So last year the garden was weather-doomed (“dimmest summer on record”, wet and blighted). This year will be pests and varmints? Wish we could get all the plagues over and done with in one year (i.e., last year)!

So why didn’t I get out there? Amie has caught a bad cold and she (and I) got no sleep last night, and today she spent on Mama’s lap, hip, or shoulder, and then next to Mama taking a long nap (Mama too!). I did love the way the sunlight flooded our bedroom, so bright and warm as I drifted off to sleep.

Hopefully I can get out there tomorrow to do some surveying, bed and hoop house cleanup, compost turning, and perhaps even some tucking in of peas and favas.

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  1. Oh joy! I am pondering some phenology posts/tracking…something to do for me, while mothering my three, that I can do with them alongside. I look forward to hearing/seeing how the investigation evolves for you. Have you checked out project budburst. Great resources and a nice way to collaborate on a larger scale. Also http://www.usanpn.org/ for a more formal collaborative effort.

    Cheers to seasons, especially spring!!!

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