Hoop House Harvest, Seedlings and Transplants

We had our first major harvest from the hoop house a couple of days ago, of mache, minutina, claytonia, and some kale. Though the claytonia had bolted the leaves were still sweet. I bagged these and took them to NYC, where we shared them with our friends, along with a vinaigrette made with my  blueberry-basil vinegar. I also brought them jars of fig preserves, blueberry jam and apple peel jelly, all from my canning pantry. We also introduced them to homemade pizza. Homemade food is even better when shared with good friends!

Another friend, who lives 20 minutes away, very kindly came and watered the seedlings in the basement and in the hoop house while we were gone.  Still the seedlings were on my mind, especially since we came back a day later than we had planned. It was like leaving a coupl’a hundred little babies. I came home today to perfectly healthy and sated seedlings.

But half the spinach bolted. The lamps downstairs are set to 16 hours of light: maybe that’s what does it? I so look forward to spinach! The other half of the spinach I transplanted out, along with all the chard and lettuces, all in all perhaps 200 transplants. The hoop house is full plus half a bed outside. The rhubarb and garlic are doing well. And even after all that rain and even snow, all the peas sprouted and are reaching for the skies.

Pictures tomorrow, when I also do some sorely needed potting up downstairs and hopefully have some room left over for some more starts.

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