New Pots, and Clay Creations by Amie

Last session Amie also took classes with my fabulous pottery teacher, Lisa Dolliver. These are some of the pieces she made: The unicorn is a piggy bank. At the moment it has a clay blue heart sitting in its slot. Aren’t they lovely? That, by the way, is a Go board: DH and Amie are […]

New Pots

Last session I simply made the same thing over and over again, modeled on a small drinking cup I had bought at a pottery studio on Cape Cod. It was good practice, of course, and instructive as well in that I could really see how pots shrink in the kiln. I’m not entirely happy with […]

Hoop House Harvest, Seedlings and Transplants

We had our first major harvest from the hoop house a couple of days ago, of mache, minutina, claytonia, and some kale. Though the claytonia had bolted the leaves were still sweet. I bagged these and took them to NYC, where we shared them with our friends, along with a vinaigrette made with my  blueberry-basil […]