Gardening Buddy and Gifted Plants

Via Amie’s school I met a nice woman who lives a ten minute walk from here, and who loves to garden. We met for the first time today and discovered how different we are. She has a green thumb, comes from a family of gardeners and does almost everything by experience and common sense. I am a book learner, with no experience.We complement each other.

She showed me around her garden and dug up some plants for me: Columbine, Coneflower, Raspberry – of which she has many volunteers, which she will dig up for me when I am ready for them. She also gave me a lot of a (to my eye) umbelliferous plant which attracts a lot of bees, which she has all over, and doesn’t know the name of.

Does your mudroom look like this? It started pouring before I could put them, I’m thinking they might drown in their pots if I leave them out there. {UPDATE: I planted them out, mainly along the large herb bed up front.}

I offered her some Hosta divisions – she’ll come and help me divide them – as well as veg and herb seedlings for her small veg garden.

This is the mystery plant (along with a raspberry shoot).

Any ideas?

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