Rhubarb Flower Stalk

This long flower stalk appeared over four hot days on one of the rhubarb plants. After doing some research I decided to pull it, as well as the smaller stalk on the other plant, as letting the rhubarb go to seed will reduce its vigor and next year’s yield. As the plants are only two years old, it’s necessary to force themĀ  to concentrate on roots, rather than offspring.

Unfortunately the flower stalks are not edible, as they contain oxalic acids – same as the roots and the leaves, only the leaf stalks can be eaten.

Today there’s soft rain again and it’s chilly. We haven’t seen any of that snow, still I’m happy I didn’t plant my tomato seedlings out. They’re in the hoop house under grow cover. The downturn in the weather also got to Amie, who is home sick with a cold. I’ll be spending the day with her, investigating pruning and possible cherry tree guilds.

The sour cherry tree and a truck load of bushes are arriving on Friday, the bees on Monday. Busy times ahead!

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  1. Since I recently planted 3 rhubarb plants, Iwas interested in this.

    Do report on what you learn about cherry tree guilds. I just planted one of those too!

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