How to Harvest and Save Seed from Kale

Take one kale plant, overwinter it in hoop house – kale is a biennial. In Spring let it flower and  go to seed.

Cut it down when leaves start getting brown, hang upside down to dry for months.

When plant is fully dry and pods are almost bursting, stick the entire plant into a pillowcase. Whack.

Take a peek.

Using a strainer, separate seeds from the chaff – which smells wonderful.

Marvel at the thousands of seeds from just one plant. Store for sowing in a few months and distributing among friends.

Russian Kale seeds. Who wants some?

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  1. I took my kale plant and draped it on a cart which had some leftover soil in it and after a rainfall, guess what? Lots of kale seedlings, even some managing to grow when totally submerged in water. Funny how nature does its thing on its own.

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