Daily Bread No. 6 and Garden Update

My I-have-to-do-something realization (re-realization!) of Friday blotted out any thought of Bread No. 6, which was good because it was really no good. Even at the right oven temperature it failed to rise. It was worse than Bread No.5 because I baked it in a pan – which is what the recipe suggests – and so the bottom is entirely too wet and yeasty. Can I make a  bread pudding out of that thing?

Yesterday was my first no-daily-bread day. I just wanted to give my family a break – nah, I just couldn’t fit it into my super-busy day – or, rather, I thought about making the new dough too late (it does have to rise, just once). Silly, it takes five minutes to put that dough together! But today’s bread is rising, and I will bake one loaf  for us and one loaf for a friend.


Today I put the bushes and berries and perennials to bed with straw, made a humongous leaf pile (couldn’t get the shredder started) and I emptied out the rain barrels, as we’re going to have freezes over the next couple of  nights. I potted up and brought in the scented geraniums – I wonder if they’ll survive the winter in the Annex. I haven’t put in the garlic yet because I found half my garlic, which was curing in the attic, rotten! I have a measly 18 cloves to plant. The garden center has no more seed garlic. Tomorrow I might buy some organic garlic from the grocery store and plant that. First thing tomorrow, though, is planting bulbs and talking compost with the kids in Amie’s class.


Soon Amie will come home and we’ll dress her up for trick or treating.  This year’s costume will be something very special and appropriate! Can you guess?

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  1. I have been following your artisan bread baking with interest. I may have to get that book yet!

    Sounds like you’re on top of fall chores. I’ve been lax because our weather has been so nice. I suspect I may regret that if I don’t get myself in gear!

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