Amie’s Latest Drawings

Amie’s drawings are always changing – see the Drawing As It Develops series to follow her drawings from the beginning. She is nowadays mostly interested in human figures, especially herself, and is experimenting with movement and joints, etc. And there is also always text, in invented spelling.

Amie picking up a leaf.This is a month or so old. She was getting her head around spaces, and wanted to represent them here by lines. The next drawings are more recent and she seems to have the hang of spacing now.

This one she drew in her cello book. She said it is for when she is grown up. Then we can look in this book and remember her. I said her own kid, when he or she starts cello, will see this drawing too. She thought hard about that. She is always saying “When I have a baby…”

This is a letter she typed for DH, with a drawing. Then I was very sad because I didn’t get a letter, so she added a message for me to it. She had just discovered the question mark. It reads: “satra (dad’s name) I know you love me and I love yu too do you like my drawings? Mama do you love me? Do you like my drawings? You and Baba to share”.

These are her bird dolls – the one’s you squeeze and they sing their song. The birds don’t have feet because the dolls don’t have them. This was when she had just been introduced to initials. I love that invented spelling!

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