Summer Hoop House to Winter Hoop House

We finally have a winter hoop house. We moved the thing from its summer to its winter position yesterday and today. It took us, 2 adults and 1 5-year-old, 6 hours, and about 2 hours of that was spent on making new parts. Not bad. Those end walls weigh a TON! Our trusty Radio Flyer helped.

One half in old position, other half in new

End walls and frame in place

Amie loves to be useful. Here she is hammering in the rebars

Ribs over the rebars

Tough to get the plastic taut, but done. (Trusty Radio Flyer in foreground.)

I also got to put the old summer beds (the four beds to the right in front in the picture) under straw. A new friend came and delivered four bales yesterday, right on time.  I’m rather jealous of her pickup truck. We got to have tea and dinner and chat about herbal medicine, gardening and ducks. She also got to play a prolonged game of “pretend” with Amie.

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