Riot for Austerity – Months 32-33

This is the Riot for the months of June and July 2011 – months 32 and 33. We are at present 4 to the family, so the per person counts are for 4. Our first year’s averages were calculated here, our second year’s averages can be found here.

Looks like Sharon is trying to get the Riot (and the calculator!) up and running again!

Gasoline.  DH carpooled to two conferences in Montreal and Quebec City. Calculating that in, we consumed:

14.4 gallons per person pp. per month

35% of the US National Average

Electricity. The calculator reckons per household, not per person.

369 KWH for June, 433 KWH for July = 401 KWH on average (all wind)

13% of the US National Average

Soon it will all be solar! Soon… (red tape).

Heating Oil and Warm Water. This too is calculated for the entire household, not per person. It’s up from the last Riot because there are more of us using the hot water for showers, which is basically all our heating oil is used for these days.

10 7.45 gallons of oil

17% 12.1% of the US National Average

{UPDATE} 3 Jan 2012: The way I have been calculating our heating oil consumption is by reading off the furnace how many hours it ran, then multiplying it by .85 because that’s the amount of gallons of oil I *thought* it used. Now DH just told me that our furnace is more efficient than that and the correct number is .65. Hence the correction

Trash. After recycling and composting this usually comes down to mainly food wrappers.

10 lbs. pp per month

7% of the US National Average

Water. This is up, don’t know why. The weather has supplied us with a good and regular amount of rain, so I’ve not had to water the garden with tap water. Still… {CORRECTION} I forgot to average this number over two months. So we did well!

875 437.5  gallons pp.

34 15% of the US National Average

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