How Many Will Come?

Tomorrow is the big Moving Planet Rally, at 3:50 pm (!)  in Boston. Transition Wayland is leading the Walk to Walden in the morning.  For  the local event, the Walk, we did big (local) publicity and emailed hundreds of people, communities and organizations in town. We built and painted sandwich boards that went up at the three major intersections. My friend Wen Stephenson wrote beautifully about why he is Walking to Walden tomorrow in an op-ed in the Boston Globe, which was voted one of the five best Thursday columns this week by the AtlanticWire, and was re-published in an expanded version in Grist.

How  many will come? It’s always hard to know. Before our meetings, which we hold in different places each time, our hosts invariably ask: how many chairs will you need? I always laugh and say: it’s a surprise!

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many come. If tomorrow it’s the same old people, it’ll be worth it. We’ll get to know each other better. We’ll carry the banner. We’ll go.

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