Climate Change and the Sugar Maples

I like this beautiful video, produced by Climate Desk, because it brings climate change home to us.

Martha Carlson: “Anyone can see a picture of the polar bear but what does it look like in *my* backyard with *my* animals or *my* plants?”

Bringing it home, where it has been all this time, of course, unbeknownst to us. Well, no longer. I like maple sugar. I like the maples. Call me a conservative, but I’d like to keep them.

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  1. Aaaauuuugghhhh! I don’t know why she persists in being so unscientific. She mentions “acid deposition” but doesn’t follow through.

    It’s not climate change that is killing maples and other trees (yet) because that simply doesn’t explain why species adapted to warmer temperatures brought to higher latitudes, AND young trees and annual plants being watered, are dying too!

    The only thing they really share in common is the atmosphere, and the major change in the atmosphere has been the grotesque increase in reactive nitrogen, from burning various sorts of fuel, that creates tropospheric ozone…which is well established to be toxic to vegetation (oh, and people too).

    Why this should persist as some sort of mystery is hard to explain other than, people just don’t want to attribute to our entire culture and society – industrial civilization – the underlying cause for the death of the biosphere.

  2. Maple trees survived and thrived after the last glaciation. A much larger change in climate than what she imagines will happen over the next 100 years. Does she really think maples are so feeble?

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