It all stacks up!

It’s been hot here. Three days of high 90s in the shade. The animals who are outside are coping. The animals inside, that’s us, less so. The first day was bearable: 75 in/97 out (in shade). I stepped outside around midnight that night and it was still blasting heat, so I didn’t get a chance to flush the house until 5 am. It wasn’t long enough. Day two was 82 in / 99 out and no flushing at all. By now, day three, heat and humidity have accumulated inside and we Amie and I just stay as still as possible. The forecast is that it will break soon. Would be good to have some precipitation, for the garden and for the rain water storage as well. I’m down to three barrels – two are cork dry.  I can’t wait to get those big water toters.

The garden is thriving. All the beds are full and I even added one bed for the Three Sisters. As for what we”ve been eating, there are peas, finally, only a few, and they won’t last long with this heat. I throw the shoots into salads (they taste like peas). Raspberries are starting to come in, and heaps of chard (which really likes the hoop house heat) as well as spinach and lettuce, and garlic scapes – LOTS of garlic scapes. Today’s harvest was only a quarter of my entire garlic crop.  I see garlic pesto in my near future. Harvesting these, I must say, is as divine as eating them.

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