Fall Harvests

Here’s the West Garden, put to bed with the indispensable help of my mom and dad, who were visiting from Belgium the last two weeks.  Thank you, Oma and Opa, also for helping me extract another 25 lbs. of honey, totaling the honey harvest from Hive 3 to almost 50 lbs! 

I keep saying this is the last harvest, but I keep finding more food, like this nest of Tromboncino squashes.

We also bucked and split wood and stacked it in the East Garden, a little less than a cord’s worth (the middle stack in the picture). Those blocks of cord wood are six rows deep! Feels good to have so much firewood in stock. We also gained a lot of kindling from that dead pine that came down, I just need to cut it up and stash it somewhere dry.

Last but not least we’re getting 3 to 4 eggs a day from the ladies. They’re still small pullet eggs, but o so delish!

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