Other Goings On: Racking the Wine, Painting Earth Day Signs

I see it only now, at the end of the day, how much was accomplished: cleaned out the chicken coop,  collected four eggs (we’re back to four!), inspected the beehives, painted the last of the signage for our town’s Earth Day, and racked the wine.




Amie paints her own sign in the new basement Project Room. The Earth Day lawn signs behind her are reused.


The A-Frames from the previous year got a new lick of paint and are awaiting the last lettering on the porch (along with the seedlings, hardening off).


DH racks the Merlot and the Cabernet


Sediment, with some wood chips.


We tasted both, the Merlot, pictured here, was further along than the Cabernet. Back in their cubby they went for the next stage.


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