A Birds Kind of Day


The little chicks enjoyed yet another Summer Spring  day outside in their table chicken tractor. Amie was feeling better so I set up a teepee. She spent most of her time watching them and then hammering nails into a piece of wood.

The chicks enjoy pecking at grass, chasing insects, and dust bathing. I shot the following minute and a half to go into the category of “chicken tv,” along with “Two Whole Minutes of My Chickens Eating Yogurt“.

  And look who’s in the naughty corner “broody buster”?

DSCF0955smallIt’s Toothless. She went all broody on us two days ago and this is a sure fire way of breaking her broody mood. It says so on the Chicken Forums. What do I know!? Anyway, it was good to isolate her from the others because she was upsetting the whole coop with her hissing and pecking and monopolizing the favorite nest box.


When she ruffles those feathers and makes that cat-like sound, watch out, but she really is a beautiful hen. One more day in the broody buster for her and then we shall see.


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  1. What’s really odd is that when I clicked on the chickens eating yogurt video a whole bunch of them came up by many different people. Is this some kind of meme… chickens eating yogurt?
    Your talk was so great last night, so interesting and funny. I love how you answer so intelligently while emphasizing all the things you don’t know or don’t have a professional degree in. This is a very rare quality. Most people know so little and try to sound like they have so much authority.

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